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Our Vision is to replace all the ill lapses in our society, resulting from a none expertise ways of doing things with a world standard and sustainable Expertise that will help to develope and secure the future of our young generation.

Our Mission is to educate, inform, reform and induct our generation into the New Era of the Information Technology world of possibility.

Our Five Points Driving Force:

  • Personnels Competency
  • Technology Expertise
  • Secured Infrastructures
  • Quality Processes
  • Customers Focus Management

Why You Should Choose Us?

We are highly experienced in Design & Development Projects and our solutions are of international standard i.e Our design & development practices are globally recognised and understood.

All our development platforms are of classified global standard and all our team members are updated and competent in global ICT practices.

Our Major ICT Solutions:

We design and develop small, medium and mega websites to aid individuals, companies, Schools and other Corporate organisations manage their information sharing system.
Webloaders Academy is poised to developing Software solution system for every individual and organization who wants to migrate from the old (Analogue) ways of managing information to the new (Digital) system of Information Managemanet(IMS).
We have positioned our company to offer a world standard training for all our students who would grow to escalate the modern way of finding solutions to our everyday generating world problems. So we train the best and the best gets the job !
Weloaders Academy also develops and manage an organizational database. Backups are done timely and updates are instant. This is the best way you can manage your data anytime, anywhere.

Our Expertise

Web Design & Development
40% Complete (success)
Software Design & Development
40% Complete (success)
Android Applications
40% Complete (success)
Graphics Design
40% Complete (success)

Our Facilitators And Team Members:


Developer (CEO)

Vacant Position


Vacant Position


Vacant Position

Resource Person